Blossoming Spellblade - ELE064 - Majestic

  • Name: Blossoming Spellblade
  • Set Name: Tales of Aria
  • Number: ELE064
  • Rarity: Majestic
  • Card Type: Action
  • Card Sub Type: Attack
  • Class: Runeblade
  • Cost: 2
  • Pitch Value: 1
  • Power: 6
  • Defense Value: 3
  • Talent: Elemental
  • Description: Earth and Lightning Fusion (As an additional cost to play Blossoming Spellblade, you may reveal an Earth and a Lightning card from your hand.)
    If Blossoming Spellblade was fused, it gains "Whenever this deals damage to an opposing hero, you may banish a 'non-attack' action card from your graveyard. If you do, you may play it this turn as though it were an instant and if it would be put into your graveyard, instead banish it."
    When you attack with Blossoming Spellblade, if it was fused, deal 1 arcane damage to target hero."
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