Bravo // Rhinar - WTR039 // WTR002 - Token

  • Name: Bravo // Rhinar
  • Set Name: Welcome to Rathe
  • Number: WTR039 // WTR002
  • Rarity: Token
  • Card Type: Hero
  • Card Sub Type: Young
  • Class: Brute;Guardian
  • Intellect: 4
  • Life: 20
  • Description: Bravo
    Action - [2 Resource]: Until end of turn, your attack action cards with cost [3 Resource] or greater gain dominate. Go again (The defending hero can't defend the attack with more than 1 card from their hand.)

    When you discard a card with 6 or more [Power] during your action phase, intimidate. (Target hero banishes face down a random card from their hand. At the beginning of the end phase, return all cards banished this way to their owners hand.)
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Edition: Unlimited Edition Normal

Rarity: Token

Condition: M/NM

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