Death Dealer // Viserai - ARC040 // ARC076 - Token

  • Name: Death Dealer // Viserai
  • Set Name: Arcane Rising
  • Number: ARC040 // ARC076
  • Rarity: Token
  • Card Type: Hero;Weapon
  • Card Sub Type: Bow (2H);Young
  • Class: Ranger;Runeblade
  • Intellect: 4
  • Life: 20
  • Description: Death Dealer
    Once per Turn Action - [1 Resource]: If you have no cards in your arsenal, you may put an arrow card from your hand face up into your arsenal. If you do, draw a card. Go again

    Whenever you play a Runeblade card, if you have played another 'non-attack' action card this turn, create a Runechant token. (It's an aura with "When you play an attack action card or attack with a weapon, destroy Runechant and deal 1 arcane damage to target opposing hero.")
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