Heart of Ice - ELE144 - Legendary

  • Name: Heart of Ice
  • Set Name: Tales of Aria
  • Number: ELE144
  • Rarity: Legendary
  • Card Type: Equipment
  • Card Sub Type: Chest
  • Defense Value: 1
  • Talent: Ice
  • Description: Once per Turn Action - [1 Resource]: Cards and activated abilities cost opposing heroes an additional [1 Resource] this turn. Go again
    Arcane Barrier 1 (If your hero would be dealt arcane damage, you may pay [1 Resource] instead. If you do, prevent 1 arcane damage that source would deal.)
    Blade Break (If you defend with Heart of Ice, destroy it when the combat chain closes.)
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Edition: 1st Edition Cold Foil

Rarity: Legendary

Condition: M/NM

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