Lumina Ascension - MON034 - Majestic

  • Name: Lumina Ascension
  • Set Name: Monarch
  • Number: MON034
  • Rarity: Majestic
  • Card Type: Action
  • Class: Warrior
  • Pitch Value: 2
  • Defense Value: 3
  • Talent: Light
  • Description: Boltyn Specialization (You may only have Lumina Ascension in your deck if your hero is Boltyn.)
    Until end of turn, weapons you control gain +1 [Power] and "If this hits, reveal the top card of your deck. If it's a Light card, put it into your hero's soul and gain 1[Life], otherwise put it on the bottom of your deck."
    If you've charged this turn, you may attack an additional time with each weapon you control.
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