Prism, Sculptor of Arc Light - HER038 - HER038 - Promo

  • Name: Prism, Sculptor of Arc Light - HER038
  • Set Name: Flesh and Blood: Promo Cards
  • Number: HER038
  • Rarity: Promo
  • Card Type: Hero
  • Class: Illusionist
  • Intellect: 4
  • Life: 40
  • Talent: Light
  • Description: Once per Turn Instant  - [2 Resource], banish a card from Prism's soul: Create a Spectral Shield token. (It's an Illusionist aura with "If your hero would be dealt damage, instead destroy Spectral Shield and prevent 1 damage that source would deal.")
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Edition: Unlimited Edition Rainbow Foil

Rarity: Promo

Condition: M/NM

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