Shadow of Ursur - MON156 - Majestic

  • Name: Shadow of Ursur
  • Set Name: Monarch
  • Number: MON156
  • Rarity: Majestic
  • Card Type: Action
  • Card Sub Type: Attack
  • Class: Runeblade
  • Pitch Value: 3
  • Power: 2
  • Defense Value: 3
  • Talent: Shadow
  • Description: You may play Shadow of Ursur from your banished zone.
    As an additional cost to play Shadow of Ursur, you may banish a card with blood debt from your hand. If you do, Shadow of Ursur gains go again.
    Blood Debt (At the beginning of your end phase, if Shadow of Ursur is in your banished zone, lose 1[Life].)
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Edition: 1st Edition Normal

Rarity: Majestic

Condition: M/NM

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